Students sign up for PE classes and courses via the Student Information System (SIS), in the same manner as for other subjects. 

Access for students from FF, FSV and FHS: Physical Education Timetable for Winter Term 2022/2023

Students from Charles University (Faculty of Arts/FF, Faculty of Social Sciences/FSV, and Faculty of Humanities/FHS) sign up in this manner.
Students from other faculties are allowed to sign up only for classes that have vacancies 14 days after the start of the classes.

We kindly request our students of physical education to collective caution and understanding in keep running of preventive hygiene measures especially in case of being or feeling ill, respiratory problems or having a cold, please skip the lesson and stay home. Thank you for understanding.

Students from the Academy of Fine Arts/AVU choose a class and sign up via e-mail to the academic assistant of the department (vera.hrazdirova@ff.cuni.cz).

Access for students from AVU: Physical Education Timetable for Winter Term 2022/2023


KOJED Dormitories and Dining Hall Opletalova

LS13 – Climbing wall Třináctka

LOK – Boulder Wall Lokal Blok

MET – Zumba palace Metro

RUZ – Fitness centre R5

SCUKCharles University Sport Centre

SKA – Yoga Skalka

VKB – Rowing club Blesk

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