About Us

Study, sport & relax!
The Department of Physical Education is here for you!


Our aim is to win you for sport and to offer you ways to relax and renew your strength and energy during your studies at the Faculty of Arts by means of a diverse selection of sports and other activities. We hope that you will find an activity that suits you and that physical exercise will become an inseparable part of your lifestyle.

Another benefit of taking part in classes of physical education is meeting your fellow students in an informal setting and the possibility to gain 2 credits for PE per term, or 2 credits for participation in 5 days of courses organised the Department of Physical Education.

Our team looks forward to meeting you in PE classes and on courses organised by our department.

Apart from weekly classes organised on term basis and longer one-off courses, we offer the following possibilities to pursue various sports:

Individual sports at the Hostivař center

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