Charles University Faculty of Arts Department of Physical Education

Our goal is to win you for physical activities and sports so that it becomes an effective and pleasant part of your university studies. During your studies, you can choose an activity that interests and suits you so that you can continue after you graduate and sport becomes an integral part of your healthy lifestyle. We offer a wide range of sports activities: both regular classes and many courses and sporting events. We hope that you will be satisfied with our offer and that you will look forward to all our events.

Information about the classes to be found in the TIMETABLE.

The online registration in the Department of Physical Education system (registration of a place in the course) is obligatory and precedes the registration in the SIS. Reason: the capacity of courses is limited by the capacity of the gyms and the organization capabilities of the subjects.

The offer is intended for all students of the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Humanities, the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design and the Academy of Fine Arts.

If the student meets the requirements he or she gains 2 credit points  for the regular PE classes, and 3 credit points for attending the courses/events in the total number of 14 days.

Rules for the classes in the Hostivar Sports Centre

If you take classes in Hostivar Sports Centre, you will need your own lock (except for swimming pool).

You are only allowed to enter the swimming pool in a proper swimsuit/swimming trunks, not in shorts or underwear.